Saturday, October 17, 2009

2010 Tour de France Route

But first, here are a couple photos of trees I passed by on recent bike rides...

The foliage is still not at peak here in Boston ... but we're getting very close.

This past Wednesday, I got up at 5:30 am to watch the announcement of the 2010 Tour de France route on (when I told my brother about it, he said, "o.k., it's official now ... you're a die-hard Tour de France fan!"). You can see the route on the Tour de France website. Lots of mountains, windy ocean roads, and even cobblestones!

What was wonderful about the announcement was how Tour Director Christian Prudhomme described the way some towns along the route relate to everyday cycling. Rotterdam, for instance, is where the race will begin. So Prudhomme spoke about how cycling is such a part of daily life in Holland, with so many bike lanes, bicycle commuters, etc. It reminded me that what makes the Tour de France so special is that despite its complicated strategy, it's still just a bunch of cyclists riding on beautiful roads. Anyone who has ever ridden a bike can identify and enjoy.

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  1. Seriously, with all those fall colors I was expecting a water color! You know, with all your free time, especially this time of year:)