Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Colors of the Tour de France, Stage 4

What an amazing stage -- with Contador, Evans, Hushovd, and Gilbert all battling it out at the finish! The "Wall of Brittany" certainly lived up to its evocative name, here in its first Tour de France appearance as a stage finish (See interesting comment from Trevor of the Purple Traveller blog below, correcting an earlier version of this post where I wrote that it was the Wall's first-ever appearance in Le Tour. Thanks, Trevor!)

Like yesterday, the scenery was just incredible. Gone are the red roofs of the Vendee region. Here in Brittany, we're being treated to the beautiful greys of the shops, houses, and village cathedrals, and the deep greens of the forests. And so it's that dark, mysterious forest that is the subject of my TdF watercolor for today, as the peloton races through Brittany on its way to the Mur de Bretagne.


  1. Hi Jason,
    Your pictures are superb...I am very impressed..!!

    I would like to point out that the 'Wall of Brittany' has been included on the Tour de France route a number of times before..the last time was in 2008 although it has not been used as a stage finish before.
    In 1947 it was even used on a time trial route..!!

    Although my blog is on hiatus at the moment I am still following your's....continue with those great pictures.


  2. Thanks very much, Trevor, for the kind words and correction. Good to know about the Wall! I had misunderstood the TV commentators. I'll make a change to the post.

    Hope all's well, and thanks again.