Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tour de France: Stage 9

What an amazing dynamic between Andy Schleck and Alberto Contador in today's stage. At first, we saw Schleck testing Contador ... attacking, then pulling back, then attacking again. Contador kept up with it all, quietly matching each acceleration. But when they began to approach the lead group of riders, they started working together! It's that ever-shifting strategy of the Tour de France that makes it so much fun to watch. I did a quick painting/pastel of Schleck and Contador on the road...

There were other great strategic moments in today's mountain stage too. Like when Vinokourov launched off the contender group, clearing a path for teammate Contador. Or when Jens Voigt stayed in the lead pack, helping to pace Schleck when he arrived. And then there was Sandy Cesar, who knew just where to be on that final corner before the finish line. He'd done his homework.

The other story of this stage was a sadder one though, and that was Cadel Evans falling out of the lead. Seeing him so upset at the end was really heartbreaking. But we've now just learned that he's been riding with a fractured elbow, caused in a crash during Sunday's stage. It's incredible that he's still in the race. So hats off to ol' Cadel. He's got a lot of heart.

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  1. Yes, an exciting stage all the way round. I am still just in awe of how these guys can pull themselves up the mountains like they do. Just looking at the stage profiles makes my legs hurt!

    Beautiful artwork once again :-)