Friday, April 10, 2009


So I'm waiting ... waiting ... waiting to finally begin my morning bike ride routine. But it's been so cold here in New England! I usually like to get up very early before work and head out for my usual 45 minute spin. It's that special time of the morning that's uniquely my own. Me, my Raleigh road bicycle, the sky, the sea, and the road. But temperatures have been stuck in the high 30's or low 40's every morning now for months. Argh!

I did take one ride two weeks ago though. It was about 42 degrees outside (which is still pretty cold on a bike), but I just had to get back on the road after such a long, brutal winter here in Massachusetts. Besides, my bike looked so raring-to-go sitting in my living room. I kind of felt sorry for it. So I put on my long biking pants and a sweater, zipped up my bright red windbreaker, pulled on by biking gloves and my helmet, and headed out into the windy, brisk New England dawn. It turns out the cold didn't feel so bad, really. I stayed pretty close to home, away from the waterfront, where the ocean wind from the Atlantic can still pack quite a punch this time of year. But after an half-hour or so, my fingers started to feel pretty numb. So it was time to head back. Nevertheless, clicking into the pedals for the first time this season sure felt great.

And tomorrow's forecast ... rain! Well, maybe I'll hang out at the local bike shop, look at all the beautiful new 2009-model bicycles, watch the rain fall across the window, and hope...

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