Friday, July 3, 2009

Short Ride on a Foggy Morning

I took a short bike ride this morning, having just returned to Boston after spending time with my parents and grandmother in North Carolina. Being away from cycling for about a week, I thought it best to ease my way back into it. Quite a foggy ride it was too, as you'll see from my photos below.

It was wonderful being with family back home in NC ... although this wasn't the easiest of visits. I was primarily there to help move my grandmother into a nursing home. She's a very strong person, even in her early 90's -- so I think she'll eventually carve out a place for herself there. But it will take some time.

Here are a few photos from my morning ride, out to the bay and back...

Beautiful ... the way the mist hangs over the boats. Depending on the weather, I'll probaly squeeze in an early morning ride tomorrow morning as well, then walk over to Dunkin Donuts for some coffee and prepare to watch the opening stage of the Tour de France!

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