Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Ride Before the Rain

What a great ride this morning! I got up at 5:45 a.m., checked outside ... cloudy with strong winds. Good enough! The forecasters had called for heavy rain all weekend, but it looked like there might be a small window in the weather where I could squeeze in a ride.

I switched on the Weatherscan channel though, and there it was -- a big, very ominous-looking mass of precipitation on the radar, heading our way. And it was cold ... 39 degrees.

But I really wanted to ride. So out I went.

Incredibly, I felt great, despite the cold and blustery conditions. When I reached Quincy Shore Drive the ocean winds really started to howl. So I shifted down to a lower gear, leaned into the drops of my handlebars ... and enjoyed every minute of it.

Riding out to the Squantum peninsula, the winds continued to force me into lower and lower gears. But then riding back the opposite direction, those headwinds became tailwinds, and it was amazing. I threw the bike into my biggest chainring and cranked out an exhilarating pace on the wonderfully flat, wide-shouldered, and scenic East Squantum Street. Like always, there were almost no cars on the road that early ... it was just me, the bike, the wind, and a few runners and walkers out on that cold morning.

As I turned onto my home street the rain finally started to fall. Whew! Made it just in time. Since then the rain has been coming down in sheets all day long. But it's fine. I've already claimed my little corner of the weekend. Now I can just enjoy a nice rainy day.

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