Sunday, June 13, 2010

Beyond the Horizon

The clear line of the horizon influences everything along the coast.

Cycling past the boats in the marina...

... I always feel a strange sense of suspense, as if the ships are silently focused on one thought alone: getting back out there.

Looking across the harbor to the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library (the black and white building on the left)...

...I'm reminded of how the sea inspires so many great visionaries, how its endless expanse makes the impossible seem possible.

And as the wind blows through the coastal trees and across the saltmarshes and coves...

... it's as if that wind originates from some faraway place. Maybe it blew in from the Canadian maritime provinces, or past remote Sable Island or the Labrador shore. One thing is clear though: it's not of this place alone.

It only takes a few colors out of my paint box to depict the sea...

But within that horizon lies a limitless world -- if only in our imaginations.


  1. oh how refreshing to see the beautiful sea free of oil. thanks Jason
    From Leah