Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Late Fall Rides

Fall sure is a beautiful time in New England.

I took those photos on a ride a couple weekends ago, when the leaves were just beyond their peak.

But fall is always a bittersweet season in New England, because just as the leaves grow more colorful, the days also get shorter, the shadows longer, cold morning winds stir up whitecaps on the bay...

...and the cycling season moves closer and closer to its end. All of which make those late fall rides even more special. Everyday things are framed in a whole new light, like this bus stop that sits just a short distance from the shore:

Although it's part of the massive Boston transportation system, that bench seemed to me to be such a peaceful outpost as I rode past it. Those are the wonderful little things you notice from a bicycle.

By the time I headed out for a morning ride last Sunday though, most of the leaves had fallen...

...and it was a very blustery 39 degrees. Time to break out the cold-weather cycling gear. Wearing an insulated jersey, leggings, and jacket, I felt fairly comfortable out on the road ... all except for my feet, which were freezing beneath my cycling shoes. So that afternoon I took the train to my LBS (cyclist-speak for "local bike shop"), and bought these...

Aren't they cool? Made in Italy by Castelli ... the legendary cycling-clothes company ... they're a nice little throwback to the great Italian cycling culture. Look at many Tour de France teams, and you'll often see Castelli's iconic scorpion logo on their shorts and jerseys.

And as the darkest winter months approach, it's also time to collect more reading material for those long weeks off the bike. I started by buying this book and magazine, both of which are wonderful...

It's one of the great things about being a cyclist ... the beauty of our sport inspires so many writers and photographers, that when your cycling season comes to an end there are more than enough storytellers around to keep your cycling-dreams alive over the winter. Happy reading!


  1. Beautiful pictures. Hope you enjoy the reads while being off cycling for winters.

    Take care

  2. Hi,
    Interesting blog. Nice to read about cycling in New England.
    Hope you don't mind if I link to your blog and visit every now and again.
    Regards from the UK