Saturday, May 7, 2011

Springtime on the Harbor

Spring is slowly coming back to life here on Boston's South Shore. Each day more and more boats return to the marina I pass by on my regular riding route.

Some boats still sit around the parking lot though, patiently waiting for their turn to set sail.

My "regular riding route" is actually rarely that regular. There are many little detours I like to add along the way. For instance, on a late-day ride last Thursday, I turned down a steep hill to take some photos at this lovely Boston Harbor cove:

It's a little tough to see in the following photo, but that tiny white speck in the center is Boston Light, the oldest lighthouse in America:

Every night the rays from Boston Light shine all around the harbor, reflecting up off the water into the evening sky. It's a beautiful sight.


  1. Love the photos...especially your new banner photo.

  2. Great pictures....Interesting post.