Friday, October 28, 2011

Ghosts of Races Past

When it comes to commemorating great bicycle races, there's no Boston Garden on which to hang a championship banner...

...or Fenway Park.

That's because only a few hours after a road race ends, like the TD Bank Mayor's Cup criterium I attended here in Boston last month...

...the city settles back into...

And that's o.k. This is what makes cycling so special.

In the Mayor's Cup race, which consisted of multiple laps around City Hall Plaza, the scene of cars speeding down Cambridge Street that's repeated night after night...

...for one special day was preceded by this scene for the women's race...

...and this for the men's...

The race results certainly look solid enough...

1. Jen McRae (787 Racing)
2. Samantha Schneider (Team TIBCO/To The Top)
3. Coryn Rivera (Peanut Butter & Co.TWENTY12)

1. Ken Hanson (Jelly Belly p/b Kenda)
2. Dan Holt (Team Type 1)
3. Luke Keough (Mountain Khakis p/b SmartStop)

But what you may not notice in these photos I took of the winners... that if you take away that temporary stage, all you'll be left with is...

So how do we keep the memory of great races alive? Through blogs, paintings, books, collages, photographs, and magazines. That's why "cycling culture" is almost always tied to some sort of creative endeavor. It's from those elusive arts that our own championship banners are hung.


  1. Did you participate in the races too? It must be a great experience!!! And you are right about that, it's only pictures, books, etc that keep memories alive!

    I liked the last two pictures. They talk differently!

  2. Hi Neha. Thanks for the comment! I was just a spectator for this race. I'm afraid they ride way too fast for me!

  3. Hi Jason,
    I just loved your citiscape photos. I think that's a word ! There's a lot to say for black and white. Leah

  4. Hi Jason, Looking at your photos again. I also love the ones which are all buildings,cyclists and spectators. It's a nice once in awhile not to see the sky. So I guess that's called city canyons ? From Leah