Sunday, November 5, 2017

2017 World Championships in Norway -- My Watercolor

The cycling world championships is a quirky little corner of the cycling calendar.  Gone are the trade squads as all the cyclists are reshuffled into national teams.  It's awkward, a bit confusing -- and refreshingly fun!  Plus, the "Worlds" is one of the few times where the men's and women's races are broadcast with equal time (at least in the NBC Gold App), which is great.

This year, the World Championships took place in Bergen, Norway.  What a treat that was!  The crowds were just amazing, and the sweeping grandeur of Bergen and the surrounding fiords was spectacular.  My little watercolor doesn't come close to capturing all that, but I didn't really try. 

Instead, I was inspired by one very odd moment of men's road race broadcast, when the live feed from the motorcycles and helicopters abruptly ended -- at the most exciting part of the race.  All we had left was one stationary camera positioned at a bend in the road near the finish line.  And so we waited, and waited, and waited for the riders to come into view.  Was the breakaway still in the lead?  Had Peter Sagan pulled out ahead?  Just like the crowds patiently looking around the corner, we had no idea.  It was both frustrating, and kind of strangely wonderful as we formed an instant kinship with those spectators on the side of the road. 

Finally the riders came careening by, as they raced to the finish...

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