Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Smooth Sailing

Here's a nice bit of irony...

May 31: I take an awesome bike ride in the rain -- but in the back of my mind I dread the gritty gears and gummed up pedals I would have to deal with the next day.

June 1: I go out for an afternoon ride, and my bike is running smoother than it has in weeks!

What happened in between? Well, the rain actually forced me to clean my bike! Oooo, it looks so nice now. I took a toothbrush to the chainwheels and rear cogs, brushed the sand and grit from cranks, cleaned the chain, and wiped down every inch of the frame. The next day I got on my bike, took a deep breath, slowly began pedaling, and ... yes! Silence! Not a peep out of the drive train below.

It was as if my bike was telling me: "Hey, don't worry about taking me out in the rain. I can take it. Just clean me afterward and we're good!"

And a good, sunny ride it was. The sea and sky were as blue as can be...

...and even the Egrets came out to say hello...

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