Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Today's Ride .. and Links!

First a nice opening shot from my 5:30 a.m. ride...

I rode my usual route along the southern part of Boston Harbor, and as always, I passed this mysterious industrial ruin that sits out on a sandbar...

Here's a close-up...

I have no idea what this is, although I've been riding by it for years now. It's some sort of remnant from one of the harbor's many past lives; looking gloomy out there all alone in the gray dawn. Someday I'll figure out its story. But if anyone has thoughts, feel free to let me know!

Now, onto the links. Here are some great bicycling blogs I discovered pedaling around the Internet:

Travels of the Little Red Bike --The awesome title alone makes this blog worth a visit! It's written by a retired air-traffic controller ... about his life, bike riding, and the bicycles he buys along the way. It's really delightful. And if you're like me and enjoy traveling by air, then you'll find the references to commercial aviation an added treat.

The Long Haul -- This blog is a cyclist's record of routes he designs for long-distance rides around Portland, Oregon. I really like the scientific detail with which he presents his maps and terrain charts, and his meticulous ride descriptions. I think most serious cyclists are amateur cartographers at heart. We're proud of our personal paths around town.

Cycler's Life -- This blog is a bicyclist's writings about living car-free in ... surprise ... Portland, Oregon. That has got to be the coolest city in the country! Since I live car-free here in the Boston area, this is something I can definitely relate to (although unlike Joe of Cycler's Life, I don't commute by bike to work ... I take the subway). It's great reading!

All three of these blogs are now on my sidebar. So check them out and enjoy!

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