Saturday, May 23, 2009

Safety Tip

So a couple of weeks ago, I was at my parent's house sitting across from my mother at the breakfast table. We were chatting about what safety items to bring on a bike ride (like an i.d. card, etc) ... and boom! one of the lenses falls out of my glasses. I hadn't even noticed it was loose. The little screw at the temple was just kind of hanging there on its last few threads. Mom went into action. "Don't worry!" she said, "I have an eyeglass screwdriver". She brought it out and I thought ... wow, now that's a bike ride necessity!

Here's the little screwdriver that came to the rescue that morning (thanks Mom!):

For those of you who wear glasses, imagine if this happens during a ride. You're speeding down a hill, enjoying the brisk morning air and the hum of the road beneath your tires .... then your glasses come apart and you loose half your vision. Yikes!! Even worse, imagine that you can't find the little screw to put them back together. Bad stuff. From now on, I add a "glasses condition check" to my pre-ride routine, and a little eyeglass repair kit sits happily in my saddle bag.

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