Monday, May 4, 2009

Tips for Riding Early in the Morning

Here's a handy to-do list, to ensure an enjoyable early morning bike ride before work:

1. Set your biking clothes out the night before. There's nothing worse than being up at 5:15 am, feeling great and ready to go ... and then spending 20 minutes looking for your favorite biking socks. Actually there is one thing worse than that...

2. Iron your work clothes the night before. There truly is nothing worse than coming back from an invigorating morning ride, only to have to iron your shirt for work. Ugh. It's like ending the ride by hitting a brick wall. Iron your clothes and shave the night before (scruffy is in these days anyway).

3. Go to bed early the night before. Now I have had some wonderful rides on 5 hours sleep, but I pay for it later in the day. In the end, a full night's sleep makes for a better ride, and ... just as important ... a far more productive day ahead.

4. Check the weather report the night before.

So, taking all these steps lets you get up and experience such early morning ride-vistas such as these:

That little bright dot in the left-center of that last photo is the famous Boston Lighthouse.

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