Monday, May 11, 2009

The Giro Visits Trieste

Whenever I visit a new city, I like to take photos of street scenes. You know ... narrow roads, big apartment buildings, cobblestone alleys, old shop signs. Sure, the main tourist attractions are great. But it's pictures of everyday life that remind me of what it was like to simply breathe in the morning air of a new place.

Watching Stage 2 of the Giro, I realized that this is also one of the reasons I love watching bicycle races. Take the stage's thrilling circuit through Trieste, for example. Now if you were to watch a show on the Travel Channel about Trieste -- a fascinating city in the far northeast corner of Italy -- they might show you a castle or two, some beautiful old churches, and maybe a Roman theater. All incredible, of course. But when you watch a bike race, you see those things AND so much more ... like little residential side streets, quaint houses that line the roadside, wide avenues running aside beautiful working harbors. It's as if you're watching the great city unfold onscreen layer by layer. And best of all, you actually see where people live. Combine that with the thrill and suspense of the race itself, and you've got one incredible travel show!

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