Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Morning at the Harbor (and links!)

First a nice photo to get the post started...

This was from my Memorial Day ride. Such a beautiful morning it was. The temperature was in the mid-60's, with a light breeze ringing a ship's bell somewhere off in the distance.

I love marinas in the morning, seeing people preparing for a day out at sea. Sometimes I simply enjoy hearing the irregular rhythm of the boats bobbing in the water, tapping against the docks. After I took this photograph, I took my bike back out to the road, began pedaling again, and thought: this is a good morning.

On another topic ... I just added some blogs I like to my sidebar. What fun! The first is "Up in Alaska":

I'm so glad I came across this blog. Wonderful photos, so nicely written, and sincere. I'm still exploring it, but my favorite post so far is "First Day of Spring" ( Those photos of Alaska are incredible.

The next is "Pat's Bike Blog":

I love bike touring logs, and this one is great. The tour itself is completed, so you've got the whole trip there for you to enjoy. I really like the early entry where he photographs his fully-loaded bike. He also has some interesting posts about Underground Railroad history.

And then "Cyclin' Missy":

It's a cyclist's journey toward riding her first century (a 100 mile biking event). Even though a century is out of my league at the moment, I can still relate to much of what she describes, especially her passion for riding. She writes so easily and honestly. Great blog!

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  1. Hey! Thanks for the mention and for checking out my blog. I've been reading back into yours and I can see why we relate on many levels. I love hearing about people's experiences biking in other parts of the country, too. I think you're the first blog I'll be following in New England.

    I also plan to check out the other blogs that you mentioned in your post.

    Have a good one!