Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dreaming of the Giro d'Italia

There's a wonderful article in the new issue of Bicycling Magazine about the Giro d'Italia ( Such a wonderful race, the Giro is. A number of years ago -- right around the time I began riding a bike again as an adult -- I caught a glimpse this strange thing called the "Giro" late at night on the old Outdoor Life Network. It seemed like such a remote, odd, faraway ... and enchantingly beautiful race. At the time, OLN used music from Carmina Burana as its theme, which added even more magic to the Giro's already mystical allure. But mostly what I remember is watching this graceful race wind it's way through medieval villages, over rocky Dolomite peaks, and through the wide streets of Milan. It seemed like it came out of a dream. It was thrilling, and I was hooked.

Versus won't be showing any of the Giro this year; and while that's a shame, it's tough to fault a channel that already does such a great job broadcasting the world's best bicycle races with the absolute best commentary. So now the Giro 2009 retreats back into hard-to-find coverage. In a way, that makes it even more mysterious...

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